Use Next Gen, Quantum Machine Learning Blockchain Technology in our Leading Edge AIOps Platform!

Dark Blockchain. Machine Learning. Deep, Dark Web. Artificial Intelligence. Advanced Visualization Map.


In 2017, opened their digital doors. We created and use technology that very few people have heard. Our use of bleeding edge, next generation tools with blockchain power encryption scare the daylights out of our adversaries. Our blockchains are the best as we have twice as many blocks as all other blockchains combined. That's seriously a lot of blocks and/or chains! We have the best cognitive computing, AI and machine learning. In fact, our cybers are so good we decided to skip looking for investors and focus on cybering. Take a gander at our products and learn how we can help your business or home network.

Others claim to have access to the Deep and Dark Web... Our team has harnessed the power of deep and dark energy in order to secure the internets.

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You've got a data spritz and we're your data diaper!

New for 2022: Raw, Organic Cyber

Have you ever seen a happy customer?!

Check out our awesome products in use around the world! Our professional photography team captured these awesome images!

"It smells like a bunch of dudes in here!" - Justin C., happy customer

Bleeding Edge Technology

You're going to need leather gloves and a warm, wet towel to apply cyber bandages to our tech-stack.

Join our team for protecting the internets and cat memes

Our main office is located in Carauari, Brazil. We pack in 250 workers who work on IOC interpretation and manufacturing IOCs.  Our mobile forensics team works out of the building in the back. Whenever you read a breach notification that says, "We've partnered with a leading edge forensics firm" it's probably us. After completing a review, we make sure you have the best pew pew map the market has to offer.

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Some have said our working conditions do not meet the expectations of Silicon Valley.

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Our team can process and create TTPs like you have never seen before. We will take all of the noise, filter it down to actionable items and fax it to your business. Implement OCR technology to get it into your IPS or pew pew map.

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